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Beating Winter Woes


| January 22, 2021 |


You know the feeling: You're more tired these days, maybe anxious or moody. Wintertime’s shorter daylight hours and chilly weather cause doldrums and it can feel harder to get out of bed. 11 million Americans have a form of winter depression -- seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. But there are steps you can try to lift your spirits:
  • Keep on the sunny side. Whether you have SAD or just feel blue during these darker months, step outside when you can—even if it’s cold or cloudy. Increase your indoor daylight with sheer curtains, and trim shrubs and trees so that they don’t block windows. Use artificial "sun box" lights with special fluorescent tubes that mimic the sun's beneficial rays. These lights benefit those with intense SAD as well as anyone with regular winter doldrums.
  • Make a move. Exercise can boost your mood, relieve depression, and decrease stress. Dress appropriately for cold-weather workouts—wear a hat, scarf, gloves, jacket, and layered clothing. Also, do indoor exercise at home like running in place and dancing with upbeat music.
  • Stay in touch. Call family members and friends to set up plans, volunteer in your community, or join a social group.

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IBH Population Health Solutions Completes Acquisition of HMC Healthworks



 IRVINE, Calif. (December 22, 2020) – IBH Population Health Solutions (Integrated Behavioral Health, Inc.), a leader in behavioral health, today announced the completion of its acquisition of HMC HealthWorks, adding world class chronic condition management, data analytics, wellness and pharmacy specialty services to its portfolio of services. In addition, HMC HealthWorks’ pedigree and expertise in Managed Behavioral Health, EAP and Opioid & Pain Management further expand IBH’s already robust capabilities in these areas. The combined companies bring one of the nation’s most comprehensive, whole person focused and digitally sophisticated product and service portfolios to the market. Industry leading ROIs are accomplished through an integrated care approach delivered through tailored digital tools and highly experienced, URAQ accredited, care management teams. 

Speaking on the transaction, Dan Clark, CEO of IBH commented, “Today marks an important day for IBH, HMC and our customers. We have had the privilege of working alongside HMC for years and have long admired the company that Dr. Jan DiMonaco, its founder, has built. Both companies have deep experience in behavioral health and recognize how impactful an integrated care approach can be to improving patient outcomes. According to a recent analysis by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 90% of the nation’s $3.5 trillion in annual healthcare are for people with chronic and mental health conditions. We’ve seen how powerful an integrated approach can be and are excited to drive even better outcomes for our collective customers. IBH’s strength in digital health care, combined with HMC’s excellence in chronic condition management and addressing gaps in care, will deliver best in class outcomes for our customers from coast to coast.” 

“Lastly, and importantly,” Clark added, “Jan and I have been working together for over a year to ensure that as our companies combine, our Government, Labor Relations & Trust and Commercial customers continue to receive the high level of service and outcomes they’ve grown to expect from us. Jan will not only be part of IBH’s board but has committed to work in partnership with me to ensure that happens. I want to thank Dr. DiMonaco, our customers and millions lives that we collectively serve, for entrusting us with their business and care.” 

Jan DiMonaco, speaking about the transaction said, “We’ve found a kindred spirit in IBH. Their unwavering focus on quality, innovation, outcomes and dedication to service, align precisely with our own. I’m excited for what’s to come for the members and customers we are so privileged to serve. I am looking forward to working with Dan and his team to take our combined organizations to the next level.” 

IBH has been providing EAP and Behavioral Health services for over 30 years. Their mission is to ensure all clients, ranging in size from small, local employers to national companies, have rapid access to superior care for their employees, members and dependents when and where they need it. Even during these times of uncertainty, IBH and all their associates remain focused on the health and safety for our community and members they serve. 

About IBH 

IBH is a pioneer in managed behavioral health, integrated employee assistance programs and services. It is one of the US’s leading population health management companies, delivering world class EAP, Managed Behavioral Health, Wellness, Data Analytics and Opioid Assessment and Treatment Solutions across the United States. With a focus on positive outcomes through clinically validated methods and tools, IBH reduces claims and costs for organizations while improving the lives of its people. IBH has been providing services for over 30 years and is a Shortlister Vendor of Choice for EAP, Behavioral Health, and Healthcare Content. The company provides services to millions of members representing a diverse group of employers, health plans and partners through their credentialed network of providers across the United States. Visit for additional information. 


IBH Contact:

Nicole Kreider

Director, Marketing


HMC HealthWorks Contact:

Staci DeFazio

SVP, Marketing & Communications

860.697.6960 x403

Better You

Concept image of a Calendar with a yellow push pin. Closeup shot of a thumbtack attached. The words Change Habits written on a white notebook to remind you an important appointment.
| January 15, 2021 |

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. -John Dryden
Many Americans see the start of a new year as a time to evaluate their lives over the previous year. Evaluation can sometimes lead us to set lofty resolutions that rarely make it into February. Here are a few ways to make your resolutions into habits. And remember, any time you try to better your body, mind or spirit, it’s a good thing.
Be Realistic
Instead of trying to lose 50 pounds quickly, set small realistic milestones. Goals don’t always have to be about cutting out your favorite foods or spending countless hours at the gym. Focus on adding a positive new habit to your life. Creating positive and reachable goals builds confidence and increases the likelihood that you will stick with your new habit over time.
Give Back
Try increasing your quality time with family and friends or give back to your local community. These goals will fill your heart and hopefully last longer than vowing off chocolate or chips.
Work Together
Making changes can be easier with a friend or health professional in your corner. Friends and family can be great for accountability and for celebrating your success. If you prefer privacy with your goals, seek out online support groups, apps and you may have health coaches provided through your health insurance.

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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

| January 1, 2021 |


Thousands of women die from cervical cancer each year, but the disease is virtually always preventable with vaccination and appropriate screening (HPV vaccination & PAP tests).

Among women who had been vaccinated, the percentage of precancers caused by HPV dropped from 55.2% to 33.3%

Although women suffer from cervical cancer from HPV, men are also at risk for other cancers from HPV.


Nearly 85% of adults (MEN and WOMEN) between the ages of 18 and 65 will have HPV at some point in their life. About 50% of Americans have it at any given moment.

HPV causes cervical, anal, oral, and other cancers in MEN and WOMEN.

HPV causes genital warts in MEN and WOMEN.

HPV is more prevalent in MEN than WOMEN in the U.S., although men often don’t have symptoms.

The HPV Vaccine is for MEN and WOMEN.

Prevent HPV cancers by getting vaccinated! Prevent genital warts by getting vaccinated!

Did you finish the vaccine series?

2 shots if before age 15.

3 shots if beginning at age 15-26.

For more information on HPV and about getting vaccinated after age 26 go to:

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