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HMC Healthworks Enters the Broker & Commercial Markets with HMC movere, Move Into Wellness

JUPITER, FL – HMC HealthWorks announces their nationwide release of HMC movere, a cost-neutral, comprehensive and customized wellness solution. From onsite to online, HMC movere creates dynamic health challenges and campaigns, which engage employees to drive meaningful change. Dr. Janis DiMonaco, President and CEO of HMC HealthWorks says, “We created and designed this program specifically for brokers and employers to mitigate their healthcare costs and incorporate meaningful behavior change across their populations. With the Affordable Care Act proposing to increase the maximum permissible reward under a health-contingent wellness program, it is even more important to implement a program that Moves into Wellness,” Dr. DiMonaco says and what better way to do it than with HMC movere.

HMC movere Program Components

HMC movere begins with preventive screenings to detect employee’s risks at the earliest possible stage. Based on the employee’s results, a plan of action is developed with personalized one-on-one coaching along with interactive tools, activities and challenges to better educate the employee to successfully reach their personal goals and improve their overall health status. HMC movere, utilizes a cost neutral program within the Federal Regulations. “The Total Solution of the HMC movere program allows for an ROI in the cost savings within the program while improving the bottom line in claims, workers compensation and the soft costs through the improved health of the individual. Each program for each company will be customized to the needs and wants of that company,” says Judi Harrison, VP of Business Development at HMC movere a division of HMC HealthWorks.

EAP and BH



JUPITER, FL - HMC HealthWorks announces the roll-out of their fully integrated Employee Assistance (EAP) and Managed Behavioral Healthcare Program. The foundation of this program is a delivery model focused on providing personalized assistance, early intervention, around the clock crisis assessment and triage, care management for behavioral health, and coordination of care. The program is staffed with licensed clinical care managers who serve as guides and advocates, directing participants to the appropriate provider and level of care to effectively meet their needs. The program is further supported by an expansive network of inpatient and outpatient providers specializing in the treatment of a wide variety of behavioral health conditions.

Leading the program is Suzanne Smolkin, LCSW-C, Vice President of Clinical Operations. “Early identification and treatment of personal, family, work and behavioral health issues increases quality of life for employees. Employers benefit through reduced medical costs, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.”Dr. Janis DiMonaco, President and CED of HMC HealthWorks, began her career as a clinical social worker and expanded HMC to offer corporate EAP, managed behavior health and wellness programs. “We started out offering these important services in 1976. We learned over time that combining EAP and Wellness programs increases awareness, and improves overall health status. We remain committed to delivering these important programs that are flexible, customized, and best in class.”

About HMC HealthWorks
HMC HealthWorks, the premier national provider of population healthcare management programs, offers plan sponsors value-added programs including Integrated Clinical Solutions, Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Solutions, Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching and Care Coordination.





JUPITER, FL - RediCare, a service for Employers, Unions and TPAs that utilizes the expertise of Kersh Health and HMC HealthWorks, makes its debut to expand current product and service offerings to provide new savings benefits for the health marketplace.

The partnership launch enables companies and organizations that cannot afford their own on-site or near-site clinics and population health management to have the same benefits of large corporations– without the high cost.

“We are very excited to offer to all our current and new HMC clients the HMC/Redicare Clinic solution,” said Dr. Jan DiMonaco, president and CEO, HMC HealthWorks, Jupiter, Florida.  “With the increased trend in on site clinics, Redicare is a great solution for those where it is not cost effective to have an on-site clinic or need multiple locations to serve their populations.”

RediCare allows members priority access to care and provides comprehensive population health management to motivate healthier lifestyle and decrease utilization costs. RediCare makes this possible through facilities in network that can utilize a hybrid fair-billing model through emergency room treatments. RediCare services are designed to overcome the barriers individuals may experience when they attempt to see the doctor.

Individuals will receive a VIP Member Card that allows them to see the doctor without having to make an appointment, experience long wait times or incur out-of-pocket costs.

Advanced Clinical Services are also a part of the RediCare service offering. These service benefits include a focus on diabetes, musculoskeletal, active spine care for low back pain, a complete health risk assessment and more.

About HMC HealthWorks

HMC HealthWorks, the premier national provider of population healthcare management programs, offers plan sponsors value-added programs including Integrated Clinical Solutions, Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Solutions, Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching and Care Coordination.

About Kersh Health

The Kersh Health and HMC HealthWorks partnership in launching RediCare increases savings and improves the overall health of engaged participants. Employers and unions are able to experience a reduction in medical claims and employee absenteeism and also enjoy an increase in member satisfaction.



Dr. Janis S. DiMonaco, Ph.D., founder of HMC, began her career as a clinical social worker in private practice in Springfield, Massachusetts.


Expanded her private practice to offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and wellness programs.