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When Does a Wellness Program Produce ROI?

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With the insight that a wellness program is not successful when it appeals only to people who are already healthy, as our COO Bart Bracken noted in American Express OPEN Forum in early January 2018, "How to Create A Company That Promotes Wellness," Bracken offered additional commentary to a recent study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research highlighting wellness program outcomes.

A summary of the study results by NBER appeared in BenefitsPRO magazine.

"The recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research adds to the growing literature on the importance of offering wellness programs."

"They acknowledged the positive impact the programs have on employee recruitment and retention. The conclusion that wellness programs do not provide medical cost savings is misleading.  HMC HealthWorks believes that wellness programs that focus on individuals with high cost chronic conditions provides a positive ROI in addition to improving the health of individuals engaged in the program.  Our programs average a 4 to 1 ROI."

"We acknowledge that many wellness programs do not reduce medical costs mostly because of their focus on the wrong individuals and, in many cases, not including the necessary critical components such as an aggressive communications program that includes senior management endorsement and properly designed and aligned incentives or disincentives.  Wellness programs properly designed and executed improve the health of individuals engaged and reduces medical costs.  We have years of proof."

For more information about how HMC HealthWorks can help you achieve positive ROI, learn more here about the different programs offered including our wellness program and chronic care management programs, or contact us directly to learn more.

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HMC HealthWorks is Top 20 EAP Provider



Jupiter, Florida -- HMC HealthWorks is honored to have been recently recognized on the Top 20 EAP Provider list recommended by Shortlister, an online marketplace that helps employers, brokers and consultants find and select vendors in the wellness, HR technology and benefits space.

"Our listing as a Top 20 EAP Provider further represents the commitment our organization has toward providing excellence for our clients and plan participants," said Jon Reid, Executive Vice President, Program and Business Development, HMC HealthWorks.  "The thought leadership involved in establishing all our programs continues to reinforce the 41-year sustainability of the company as well as move HMC in a direction of stronger growth and recognition as a leading industry competitor."

Other vendors recognized on the Top 20 EAP Provider List include Workplace Options, SelfHelpWorks, Optum, ComPsych and Cleveland Clinic Wellness.

Shortlister pairs relevant vendors with a consultant or employer searching for their services. To date Shortlister has helped thousands of employers representing more than four million lives find the vendors they need. Other vendor categories include disease management, wellness, corporate sleep disorder programs, financial wellness, and tobacco cessation.

"Think eHarmony or for the employee benefits space," explained Joe Miller, President, Shortlister, which is headquartered in Park Ridge, Illinois.  "Vendors are not able to buy their rank. We have an algorithm that creates a perfect match based on the criteria involved. Our role is to take the guesswork out of the process."

Shortlister combines a proprietary algorithm and bid management technology coupled with industry thought leadership to provide employers and benefits brokers and consultants with an ordered list of qualified vendor options based on their needs.  By reducing the time of the traditional due diligence process, employers, brokers and consultants have immediate, real-time access to answers to common RFP questions, documents, vendor history, reviews, video and more.


Reduce Added Sugar Intake: 3 Easy Ways

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By Meghan Steckowski
Director of Client Services and Health Promotion
Wellness Coach

Added sugar is everywhere in our diets.  From candies and cookies to yogurts and sports drinks, added sugar is typically put into these foods and others during processing and preparation, while naturally occurring sugars are found in milk or fruit. Unlike the fiber vitamins and minerals found in milk and fruits, added sugar doesn’t contain any nutrients and only contributes empty calories to the body.

With sugar being added to many of our foods, it’s not surprising that the average American adult consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day and the average child consumes 32 teaspoons a day. The American Heart Association recommendations no more than 9 teaspoons for men and 6 teaspoons for women of added sugar a day. Children ages 2-18 should have less than 25 grams or 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day.
Keep These Tips in Mind:


Kick start your day the low sugar way! Select low sugar, high fiber cereals, and choose 100% fruit juices or plain yogurts. Consume store purchased smoothies and juices mindfully as they can have added sugar for improved taste. Flavored coffee creamer is another tasty but high sugar culprit; use sparingly or opt for low fat milk or try a nut milk.

Snack smart. Protein and granola bars should contain more protein than sugar per serving; check the labels. Fresh vegetables or fruits make great snacks as do hard boiled eggs and air-popped popcorn. Be careful of trail mixes that contain chocolate or dried fruit—some contain almost 10 grams of sugar just from one serving of trail mix.

Drink responsibly. Alcohol and soda are both known for being both high in empty calories and also contain added sugar. Specialty coffees and teas that contain whipped cream or flavored syrups can be a high sugar and caloric daily habit. If you are active, select a sports drink with low to no sugar; many sports drinks contain up to 56 grams of added sugar in a 32-ounce bottle.


You Can Beat Sugar Addiction

A certified HMC HealthWorks coach helps individuals decode foods labels so they can shop for low sugar options for themselves and their family. By working with an expert, participants are guided to find the best food to enjoy and that fits within their budget and weight management goals. Get individualized support and ongoing motivation by enrolling with HMC HealthWorks today and lower your added sugar daily intake for good!

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Helping Employees Cope With Workplace Trauma



July 2017

HMC HealthWorks offers a critical look into work-related traumatic stress in an article written by CEO and Founder, Dr. Janis DiMonaco, and senior clinicians Jane Wolfe, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, and Suzanne Smolkin, Vice President of Behavioral Health.  "Helping Employees Cope with Workplace Trauma", appeared in Benefits Magazine, the trade publication available to members of the International Association of Employee Benefits Plans (

With our organization's commitment toward the improvement in population health, we point out that employers may not be able to prevent work-related traumatic stress among employees, but through responses including critical incident stress debriefing, or CISD, options are available.

To learn how to help employees cope with workplace trauma, learn more from the article link below.

Helping Employees Cope With Workplace Trauma

Reproduced with permission from Benefits Magazine, Volume 54 Number 7, pages 48-52, July 2017, published by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (, Brookfield, Wisconsin. All rights reserved. Statements or opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or positions of the International Foundation, its officers, directors or staff. No further transmission or electronic distribution of this material is permitted. Subscriptions are available for purchase by contacting us at 888-334-3327, option 4 or

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HMC HealthWorks Selects Medecision and Its Suite of Aerial Applications



October 18, 2017

Dallas, TX – October 18, 2017 – HMC HealthWorks, 40-year veteran in healthcare management, and Medecision, the leader in population health management solutions for risk-bearing entities, announced HMC HealthWorks has selected Medecision and its suite of Aerial applications for new, automated clinical workflows, including utilization management, which will significantly enhance the care of HMC HealthWorks’ participants and plan sponsors and improve operational efficiencies.

Targeting meaningful behavior change through patient-centered care management workflows will help HMC HealthWorks strengthen clinical integration across its network, particularly between its behavioral health and disease management business lines. HMC HealthWorks will deploy a comprehensive care plan for individual members, allowing care teams to more quickly identify costly occurrences and adjust care plans.

“Medecision’s experience helping health plans manage risk, especially their best practices in utilization management and a clinically integrated platform, will be invaluable for our participants and plan sponsors. The data analytics and outcome reporting will enhance HMC’s ability to identify key health issues and areas of cost improvement for our clients,” said Dr. Janis DiMonaco, President and CEO of HMC HealthWorks. “Because our clients must balance improving patient engagement and an individual’s health with lowering healthcare costs, Medecision’s automated processes can help streamline workflows to create operational efficiencies that drive employer and participant satisfaction.”

As part of the partnership, HMC HealthWorks will deploy a number of Aerial applications, including the following:

Aerial™ Insights, which supports all Aerial applications with powerful intelligence and analytics. Aerial’s big data platform and enterprise data warehouse provide the longitudinal, person-centric knowledge base required for personalized care and population health management, as well as the insights on behavioral, physical and clinical dimensions that drive targeted workflow for optimal interventions, care plans and engagement. Advanced Population Analytics, which predicts risk and directs interventions to avoid costly occurrences through analytics, risk models, visualizations and reporting.

Financial Performance Dashboards, which provide actionable intelligence to make rapid and critical decisions in utilization, prescribing and dispensing, and population stratification.

Care Management (CM/DM/UM), a rules-based, automated workflow solution that applies accredited clinical content to the development of the most appropriate interventions and plans of care for each individual member or patient.

Clinical Programs, which use evidence-based medical standards to enable care managers and members to collaborate on the most appropriate care decisions.
Correspondence management to meet notification standards.

Health Summary™, the most powerful, complete and actionable personal health record available. The Aerial Health Summary empowers members and their care teams with a single comprehensive view of the patient’s medical care plan, risks, gaps and an up-to-the-minute care view.

“We are thrilled to welcome HMC HealthWorks to our community of progressive pioneers, and we’re particularly excited by their focus on members’ health and well-being, integrating behavioral and medical care management,” said Deborah Gage, President and CEO at Medecision. “Every Aerial application—and the powerful Insights platform from which each draws actionable insights—helps these important stakeholders thrive in population health management and value-based care.”

Dr. DiMonaco stated, “All of us at HMC are very excited and pleased to have this powerful platform that optimizes the full suite of medical management population health offerings provided by HMC and look forward to launching all that Medecision has to offer.”

This immediately follows Medecision’s announcement of acquiring AxisPoint Health’s platform business, which made Medecision the largest independent provider of care management platforms and applications in the United States, supporting the nation’s leading health plans and care delivery organizations.

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