JUPITER, FL - RediCare, a service for Employers, Unions and TPAs that utilizes the expertise of Kersh Health and HMC HealthWorks, makes its debut to expand current product and service offerings to provide new savings benefits for the health marketplace.

The partnership launch enables companies and organizations that cannot afford their own on-site or near-site clinics and population health management to have the same benefits of large corporations– without the high cost.

“We are very excited to offer to all our current and new HMC clients the HMC/Redicare Clinic solution,” said Dr. Jan DiMonaco, president and CEO, HMC HealthWorks, Jupiter, Florida.  “With the increased trend in on site clinics, Redicare is a great solution for those where it is not cost effective to have an on-site clinic or need multiple locations to serve their populations.”

RediCare allows members priority access to care and provides comprehensive population health management to motivate healthier lifestyle and decrease utilization costs. RediCare makes this possible through facilities in network that can utilize a hybrid fair-billing model through emergency room treatments. RediCare services are designed to overcome the barriers individuals may experience when they attempt to see the doctor.

Individuals will receive a VIP Member Card that allows them to see the doctor without having to make an appointment, experience long wait times or incur out-of-pocket costs.

Advanced Clinical Services are also a part of the RediCare service offering. These service benefits include a focus on diabetes, musculoskeletal, active spine care for low back pain, a complete health risk assessment and more.

About HMC HealthWorks

HMC HealthWorks, the premier national provider of population healthcare management programs, offers plan sponsors value-added programs including Integrated Clinical Solutions, Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Solutions, Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching and Care Coordination.

About Kersh Health

The Kersh Health and HMC HealthWorks partnership in launching RediCare increases savings and improves the overall health of engaged participants. Employers and unions are able to experience a reduction in medical claims and employee absenteeism and also enjoy an increase in member satisfaction.