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Select one Advanced Clinical Solution, or select them all –
it’s up to you.

In healthcare, a need for highly-specialized clinical solutions often occurs.

Our clinical solutions are used individually or integrated as part of a larger, comprehensive care plan.

No matter what you select, your big picture of improving the health and well-being of your participants and reducing costs remains an integral part of our mission to help you reduce healthcare spend.

From prescription management to diabetic care and telemedicine, we’ve got you covered.

You want your population to get back to be healthy and more productive.

Details within disability and pharmacy benefit management, integrated care delivery and personal assistance on explanation of benefits, bills and provider selection can often overwhelm.
You have options. Ready to learn more?

Diabetic Supply Program

Comprehensive treatment prevention method for addressing low back and neck pain in worker’s comp cases.

Health Advocate

Assisting participants with navigation of benefits questions, bills and provider selection.


CareClinic+ is a Primary Care Membership model that addresses some of the most significant challenges in accessing high-quality care at a lower overall cost to the sponsoring organization and its’ employees.